Sermons Shared by Our Pastors

Pastor Brett Campbell Sr.

Sunday Morning, August 14, 2022

Sermon Series: “Don’t Get Stuck on the Miracle......the Message is More Powerful!”

(A Look at the Miracles of Jesus)

“The Heavenly Storm Chaser”

(Matthew 14:22-33)


Jesus is the Savior who intercedes for and protects His own. He comes to the rescue of His disciples in their time of trouble and brings them to safety, praying that they recognize who He really is.


  1. Our Storm Chaser Is Praying for Us! Matthew 14:22-24


  1. Our Storm Chaser Finds Us in the Storm! Matthew 14:25-29


III. Our Storm Chaser Deserves Worship! Matthew 14:30-33



During the stormy seasons in our lives, our Savior will come to us and give us “a way out” (1 Cor.10:13). Whether He causes the storm or we cause the storm, Jesus is always wanting to reveal to us that He is God and wants to work out His purpose for our lives.