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Wanted Faithful Wall Builders

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, March 11, 2018


“WANTED – Faithful Wall Builders”

Nehemiah 4



The context and the background for the book of Nehemiah. The people are in the process of rebuilding the walls of the city of Jerusalem.  

As they labored to build the walls, they faced constant opposition to their work. They became weary and they became discouraged, but they never stopped their work. Eventually, they completed the task and were victorious over their attackers.

There are three primary principles taught in this passage that teach us about:   WANTED – FAITHFUL WALL BUILDERS

I.  Faithful Wall Builders Know Trouble Is A Reality:

A.  We know trouble will come from outside our church ranks (vv.1-3, 7-8, 11)

1. In the form of mockery (vv.1-3)

2. In the form of intimidation (vv.7-8, 11)

B.  We know trouble will come from within our church ranks (vv.10, 12)

1. In the form of deception (v.10)

2. In the form of discouragement (v.12)

II.  Faithful Wall Builders Know The Best Defense Is A Good Offence:

A.  Be prayerful (vv.4-5)

B.  Be watchful (v.9)

C.  Be prepared (vv.13-20)

D.  Be united (vv.19-23)

E.  Be determined (vv.6, 23)

III.  Faithful Wall Builders Know That Some Things Are Worth Fighting For:

A.  Our faith is worth fighting for (vv.2, 14)

B.  Our families are worth fighting for (v.14)

C.  Our future is worth fighting for (v.14)


     God wants us to be in the wall building business! I wonder what the Lord could do with us if we all determined that we would be all that He has called us to be! What could God do if His church took a stand for the things of God and refused to back down? What could He do if we determined to revive and protect old fashioned worship? What could He do if we were all the way His? He took a rag tag group of disciples and turned the world upside down. What can He do with us? The possibilities are only limited by what we are determined to do, and to allow Him to do, in our lives!

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