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Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, October 2, 2016



“Undertaking Ministry that Overcomes

Racial and Cultural Barriers”

John 4



The Gospel of Christ is the only lasting solution to the problem of prejudice and racism.  To some people, this suggestion may sound overly simplistic.  Yet, in the teachings of Christ we find “a more excellent way,” and that way is agape love (I Cor. 12:31; 13:1-7).  It is a love given freely, selflessly, and without regard for the loved one’s condition.  It is the love shown by God to man, and the love Christians aspire to show toward God and toward other men.

Changing our belief system and view of the world as we have been taught is a dramatic challenge for most. The story in John 4 helps us to make those changes. Following the example of Jesus Christ will assist us in our challenges to do local church ministry that overcomes racial and cultural barriers. 3 Things We Must Do!


  I.  We Must Discard All Our Prejudices:  John 4:4-10 – WHY?

      A.  Because skin color doesn’t really matter – the color of

          blood does.

      B.  Because the root issue has always been – SALVATION!

      C.  Because of where we all came from.

 II.  We Must Speak God’s Truth In Love:  John 4:13-18,

      A.  Never apologize for God’s Truth (vv.13-14)

      B.  Don’t ignore sin that needs to be addressed (vv.15-18)

      C.  Keep your nose below your eyes (v.27).

 III.  We Must Stay In “Ready-Mode” for Ministry:

      A.  Start where people are (v.4)

      B.  Practice humility (v.7)

      C.  Talk real life (not superficial) matters with others:

         1.  Water – immediate interest (v.7)

         2.  Husband – deep hearted interest, lonely (vv.16-18)

         3.  Soul Thirst – meaningful, fulfilling (vv.19-26)

     D.  Get to know people better (vv.16-18)

     E.  Be a student of God’s Word (vv.20-42)


CONCLUSION TO THE SERIES: Our response to Racism:

1.  Confess our sin.

2.  Recognize that reconciliation is God’s will.

3.  Build positive relationships.

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