The Wrath Of God_Sermon_11-08-2015

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, November 8, 2015

Sermon Series: GOD AND HUMAN SEXUALITY – Sermon #4 

“The Wrath of God Against All Ungodliness”
Romans 1:15-2:4


 I. God our Creator Has Established What Absolute Truth Is: Romans 1:19-21

II. Man’s Distortion Of God’s Image Leads To A Perverted Thought-Process: Romans 1:22-28 

III.  Sexual Perversion (Including Homosexuality) Is Not Primarily A Social Or Political Issue . . . It Is A Spiritual Issue: 

A.  The practice of homosexuality at its core is a spiritual issue/it is SIN. 

B.   God’s tolerance does not necessarily means God’s permission. 

C.   Man’s perversion escalates when restraints are removed.


1.  A refusal to repent from any idolatry is destructive (believer or not).

2.  Not being “gay” does not mean we’re not “just as bad.” 

3. It is not wrong to call homosexuality SIN, especially when we recognize our own deep sense of need for God’s mercy. 

4.  As Christians and as a local church, we should know how to properly respond to this issue: 

(a)  For those who openly practice homosexuality and ask us to be TOLERANT . . . God’s Word is always true. 

(b)  For those struggling with homosexuality in word, thought, or deed, and still desire to honor God . . . confession, repentance, and forsaking sin is God’s remedy. 

(c)  To the local church, it is time to stick to our Biblical convictions regardless of the costs and consequences.

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