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Sermon 03-06-2016

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, March 6, 2016
Sermon Series: CHASING THE WIND – Sermon #9


The Trail of Tears (4:4-16)
“The Tears of Inappropriate Incentives”

Ecclesiastes 4:4-8


King Solomon takes an honest look at life under the sun, and sees the tears of a mankind that has lost its way. He looks and sees that a life lived on earth without God ultimately brings exploitation, frustration, loneliness and disillusionment. Amid the laughter and seeming happiness is a trail of tears (4:4-16). 

In verses 4-8 King Solomon teaches us about the “Tears of Inappropriate Incentives.” Here we’ll discuss the appeal of success, the lure of lethargy, and the experience of wisdom: 

I.  The Appeal of Success:  Eccl. 4:4 



THE 3 REALITIES OF LIFE: 1 Timothy 6:6-10

  • Reality #1 – The fact of life (v.7 – I Can’t Take It with Me!)
  • Reality #2 – The formula for life (vv. 6, 8 – Be Godly and Content!)
  • Reality #3 – The fallacy of life (vv.9-10 – The Money Can Satisfy Lie!)

 II.  The Lure of Lethargy:  Eccl. 4:5-6

A. Don’t be a DROP-OUT! (v.5)

B. Be BALANCED in your life (v.6)

III.  The Experience of Wisdom:  Eccl. 4:7-8

A. Success can oftentimes create loneliness (vv.7-8a)

B. Success is meaningless when it becomes all consuming (v.8b, “But he never asks, ‘For whom do I toil and deprive myself of good?’ This is also vanity and a grave misfortune”)


I ask you, What price are you willing to pay to achieve your success, get your financial wind-fall, or accumulate all the possessions you desire? Are you willing to sacrifice your sanity, your spouse, children, and family, or your relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church, on the altar of success? I hope and pray not! (Matthew 6:33 – Seek God’s Kingdom and His Righteousness First)

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