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The Gap Man

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Father’s Day, June 19, 2016


“The Gap Man”

Jeremiah 6:16 and Ezekiel 22:30




The prophet Ezekiel’s condemnation of Israel becomes quite specific in terms of the various segments of society that made up the population as a whole. The picture is that of an enormous court; before the court, the people are lined up in various ranks, according to the part of the society to which they belonged. First, there were the princes (verse 25). Second, there were the priests (verse 26). The prophets were third (verse 28). And fourth, there was the great mass of the citizenry as a whole (V.29). Each of these groups is summoned in the court and condemned for its evil.

 I.  God’s Condemnation Against Israelite Society: Ezek. 22:23-29

A. God condemns Israel’s princes (vv.25, 27).

B. God condemns Israel’s religious leaders (v.26).

C. God condemns Israel’s prophets (v.28).

D.  God condemns Israel’s people (v.29).

Israel suffered because of her sins. She had rebelled against God’s grace; now she would feel God’s wrath (v.31). The nation of Israel was in desperate need of a GAPMAN!


II. Society’s Need of A Gap Man: Ezek. 22:30

A. The GAPMAN stands in the gap between right and wrong (Isa. 5:20).

B. The GAPMAN stands between “Thus says the Lord,” and “Thus says man” (Matt. 15:7-9; Rev. 22:12, 18-19).

C. The GAPMAN stands in the gap between compromise and commitment (Heb. 10:23-25).

D. The GAPMAN stands in the gap between the lost and the found (Luke 19:10; Mark 16:15-16).

E. The GAPMAN stands in the gap between fear and courage (Matt. 10:28-32; 1 John 4:4; 5:11-14).


God is seeking you to stand in a gap! Will you rise up for Him? Will you become God’s GAPMAN? (God’s Appointed Protector) The truth is that God has a plan for you, He may have placed you in this exact position, at this exact time, in this exact place to accomplish something extremely important for Him!

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