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Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, August 14, 2016
Sermon Series: CHASING THE WIND – Sermon #23

“Seeking and Serving God While We Can”
Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:8


This is Solomon’s sixth and final admonition to us to accept life as a gift and learn to enjoy all that God shares with us while we can (see 2:24; 3:12–15, 22; 5:18–20; 8:15; 9:7–10).
In order to do this, we must obey three instructions: rejoice (11:7–9), remove (11:10), and remember (12:1–8).
  • To Seek and Serve God We Must Rejoice in God Who Gives Us Life:  Eccl. 11:7-9
  • To Seek and Serve God We Must Remove Hindrances from Our Life:  Eccl. 11:10

III.  To Seek and Serve God We Must Remember That Time Is Not on our Side:  Eccl. 12:1-8

Verses 3–7 give us one of the most imaginative descriptions of old age and death found anywhere in literature. Students don’t agree on all the details of interpretation, but most of them do see here a picture of a house that is falling apart and finally turns to dust.
Verse 6 describes a horrible reality with two illustrations:
First, a golden bowl—a lamp—hanging from the ceiling on a silver chain. The chain breaks and the bowl breaks. The fragile “cord of life” is snapped and the light of life goes out. Only wealthy people could have such costly lamps, so Solomon may be hinting that death is no respecter of persons.
Second, a well with a pulley for bringing up a pitcher filled with water. One day the wheel breaks, the pitcher is shattered, and the end comes. The fountain of water was an ancient image for life (Ps. 36:8–9; Rev. 21:6). When the machinery of life stops working, the water of life stops flowing. The heart stops pumping, the blood stops circulating, and death has come. The spirit leaves the body (James 2:26; Luke 23:46; Acts 7:59), the body begins to decay, and eventually it turns to dust.
CONCLUSION: The Question to Ponder: “How can we remember our Creator God”?
  • By thinking on His Person (Psa. 10:4; 60:3).
  • By reflecting on His Character (Psa. 20:7; 60:3; 77:3).
  • By acknowledging His Goodness (Psa. 103:1-2; 42:6).
  • By meditating on His Word (Psa. 1:2; Eccl. 9:16).
  • By keeping His Commandments (John 15:14).
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