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Who Do You Say That Jesus Christ Is? from Theotis Casey on Vimeo.

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Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, February 5, 2017
Sermon Series: HE’S MORE THAN WONDERFUL (Introduction)

“Who Do You Say That Jesus Christ Is?”
Matthew 16:13-16


Today, I want to take a close look at Jesus Christ’s question in verse 15 (“But Who do you say that I am?”). Our answer to that question determines how we live our lives here on earth. It will also determine where we will go when we die. This is the single most important question we will ever hear, or that we will ever answer.

As an introduction to our new preaching series HE’S MORE THAN WONDERFUL, let’s reflect on a few thoughts from the question: “Who Do You Say That Jesus Christ Is?”

I.  Humanity’s Perspective On Who Jesus Christ Is:
Matthew 16:13-14
A.  The world’s past perspective.
1.  John the Baptist –
2.  Elijah –
3.  Jeremiah –
4.  One of the prophets –
 B.  The world’s present perspective.
1.  The Jehovah Witnesses –
2.  The Mormons –
3.  Islam –
4.  The Hindu –
5.  People living all around us –
 II.  God’s Perspective On Who Jesus Christ Is: 3-Fold Perspective
A.  What does God the Father say? (Matthew 3:17; 17:5)
B.  What does God’s Word, the Holy Bible, say? (cf. Isa. 9:6;
Phil. 2:6-7; Acts 2:36; 10:36)
    1.  Jesus Christ is called LORD (Rom. 10:9a) –
    2.  Jesus Christ is called JESUS (Rom. 10:9b) –
    3.  Jesus Christ is called CHRIST (Matt. 16:16) –
C.  What does Jesus Christ say? (The Gospel of John)
III.  Our Perspective On Who Jesus Christ Is:  Matt. 16:15,
“But who do you say that I am?”
     A.  In the pages of the Bible.
1.  Simeon (Luke 2:28-32) –
2.  Nathaniel (John 1:49) –
3.  Simon Peter (Matt. 16:16) –
4.  The Woman at the well (John 4:29) –
5.  Martha (John 11:27) –
6.  The Roman Centurion (Mark 15:39) –
7.  Thomas (John 20:24-28)
     B.  In the hearts of professing Christians.


Right now you are asking “What should I do with Jesus?” One day the question will be, ”What will Jesus do with me?”
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