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Living Beyond The ‘Best I Can

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, January 7, 2018

“Living Beyond The ‘Best I Can’

Philippians 3:13-15


In these verses from our text in Philippians, Paul gives up some insight into what genuine Christian living is all about. I want to point out three steps we can take to begin to develop a spiritually productive Christian life. Let’s look together for a few minutes at this thought, How To Live Beyond the “Best I Can.

In order for us to live beyond the best I can, there must be truthful evaluation; there must be devoted consecration; and, there must be purposeful determination.


I.  To Live Beyond the ‘Best I Can,’ There Must Be Truthful Evaluation: Phil. 3:12a, 13a (see also vv.4-8)

A.  Truthful evaluation results in renouncing our past (vv.4-7).

B.  Truthful evaluation results in acknowledging our present (vv.7-8).

II.  To Live Beyond the ‘Best I Can,’ There Must Be Devoted Consecration: Phil. 3:12b, 13b (see also vv.8-10)

A.  A powerful experience – “the power of His resurrection”

B.  A painful experience – “the fellowship of His sufferings”

C.  A practical experience – “being made conformable unto His death”

III.  To Live Beyond the ‘Best I Can,’ There Must Be Purposeful Determination: Phil. 3:13-16

A.  Our resolution (vv.12-14)

1.  “this one thing I do” –

2. “forgetting those things which are behind” –

3. “I press toward the mark” –

B.  Our regulation (vv.15-16 – obey the rules)


  • We’re to completely shrink from spiritual pride; it is a deadly poison; it makes men satisfied with their present attainments; it prevents their progress in holiness; it leads to backsliding.
  • We’re to always persevere in our knowledge & experience with Jesus Christ.
  • We’re to always keep the prize of our high calling in Christ before our thoughts.
  • We’re never to judge harshly those whose spiritual life may not be as advanced as ours; or those who are farther along spiritually than we are.
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