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Life Reflections in Light of Imminent Death from Theotis Casey on Vimeo.

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Life Reflections in Light of Imminent Death

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, February 7, 2016
Sermon Series: CHASING THE WIND – Sermon #5


“Life Reflections in Light of Imminent Death”
Ecclesiastes 2:12-26


After King Solomon has shown us that the striving after wisdom does not satisfy (1:12ff.), and that the striving after pleasure is unprofitable (2:1-11), he now reflects on life in light of imminent death. We will study the following: reflecting on wisdom, reflecting on wealth, and reflecting on life in general. 

I.  Reflecting on Wisdom: Wisdom Is Better but Not for Long: Eccl. 2:12-17 

A. The value of wisdom (vv.12-15)

 APPLICATION: Proverbs 2 and the Value of Wisdom:

  • The Value of KNOWING God’s Word and Wisdom (vv.1-4)
  • The Results of APPLYING God’s Word and Wisdom (vv.5-22):
    • Understand godly fear and the knowledge of God (vv.5-6)
    • Deliverance from the way of evil (vv.10-12)
    • Deliverance from sexual immorality (v.16)
    • Enablement to walk in goodness and righteousness (vv.20-22)

 B.  The reality facing both the wise and the fool (vv.16-17)

 II.  Reflecting on Wealth: The Worthless May Inherit What You Leave Behind: Eccl. 2:18-23

A.  You can never keep your wealth (v.18)

B.  You can never protect your wealth (vv.19-20)

C.  You can never enjoy your wealth as you’d like to (vv.21-23).

III.  Reflecting on Life in General: Accept Life as A Gift from God and Enjoy It in God’s Will: Eccl. 2:25-26

A.  Enjoy life’s blessings as a gift from God (v.24).

B.  Be thankful for life’s blessings (v.25).

C.  Be pleasing to God and trust Him (v.26).


“Life isn’t like a book,” says Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship ministry. “Life isn’t logical, or sensible, or orderly. Life is a mess most of the time. And theology must be lived in the midst of that mess.” Solomon will provide us with that theology. It’s up to us to live it—and be satisfied!

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