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Jesus Christ – The Son of Man

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, February 19, 2017

“Jesus Christ – The Son of Man”

John 2:1-11


John’s majestic Gospel serves as a magnificent gallery which display the glory of Jesus as no other literature on earth can. Chapter 2 gives us 2 snapshots from the life of Jesus. In verses 1-11, He shows up at a wedding and in verses 12-25, Jesus shows up at the House of Worship.

This morning, I did not come to preach about the scene at the Temple, but rather, the scene at the wedding. In this passage, we encounter a Christ who cares, and who carry’s through for His own! Today, let’s drop in on this little scene in Cana of Galilee and witness Jesus Christ – The Son Of Man.
I. Jesus Christ’s Involvement in the Events of Our Life:
John 2:1-2

A. The circumstances surrounding Christ’s involvement (v.1)  A Wedding at Cana of Galilee

B. The invitation surrounding Christ’s involvement (v.2)

C. The selflessness surrounding Christ’s involvement (v.2)

II. Jesus Christ’s Power in the Events of Our Life: John 2:3-9

A. The problem generating the need for Christ’s power  (v.3a, “And when they ran out of wine”)

B. The steps taken assuring the certainty of Christ’s power  (vv.3b-5)

1. Run to Jesus (vv.3-4) –

2. Follow Jesus’ command(s) (v.5) –

C. The action validating the capacity of Christ’s power

1. Christ’s actions are often unconventional –

2. Christ’s actions are often uncommon –

3. Christ’s actions are often unbelievable –

III. Jesus Christ’s Provision in the Events of Our Life:
John 2:10-11

A. Christ provides for our physical need(s)

B. Christ provides for our spiritual needs (v.11)

1. Our faith in Him is increased (v.11b)

2. Our focus on Him is without distraction (v.11a)


What is your need today? Salvation? Are you backslidden? Some burden? A bad situation? Some circumstances beyond your control, but not beyond your ability to worry over? Do as Mary did, and bring it to Jesus Christ who cares. Bring it to Jesus!

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