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Jesus Christ – Our Selfless Servant

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, June 4, 2017
Sermon Series “HE’S MORE THAN WONDERFUL #11 


“Jesus Christ – Our Selfless Servant

John 13:1-20


The last night of Jesus’ earthly ministry was very eventful. He prayed His Great High Priestly prayer, taught His Disciples many valuable truths, observed the Passover meal with His Disciples and was betrayed into the hands of His enemies. Through all of this, Jesus knows that in the morning, He will go to Calvary and die on a cross for the sin of humanity. His is a bitter cup! However, before He begins the events of the evening, before they come to the table to eat their last meal together, Jesus takes some time to teach these men a lesson in servanthood that still speaks to us today.

 Jesus did this to call His disciples to become selfless servants as well. Jesus wants all His followers to become selfless servants of God. To do so, we must learn the lessons Jesus teaches us in these verses. Let’s consider these verses together as we learn from Jesus Christ – Our Selfless Servant. We will study the function, inspiration, and love of Our Selfless Servant, Jesus Christ.


 I. The Function of Our Selfless Servant:  John 13:1-5

A. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples without being asked to do so.

B. Jesus served His disciples with no expectation of reward.

C. Jesus served His disciples with a willing heart.

D. Jesus served those who did not deserve to be served.

 II. The Inspiration of Our Selfless Servant: John 13:12-17

A. Our Selfless Servant provides us an example (vv.12-15)

B. Our Selfless Servant gives us an exhortation (v.16)

C. Our Selfless Servant conveys to us an expectation (v.17)

  III. The Love of Our Selfless Servant: John 13:1; 31-35

As born again believers in Jesus Christ, we are called upon to love one another. This is a command that is easier to say than actually do, for us to live in a way that the love of God is fully demonstrated requires real effort in our daily lives.


Jesus left us a wonderful example to follow. His was a life lived in the service of others. If you were to sum up your life this morning, could you honestly say that others come before you in your thinking and your serving? Can you honestly say that you are following the Lord’s example to the best of your ability? Or, maybe like the Disciples, you would have to confess that you are often guilty of promoting yourself over others. Whatever the need this morning dear brothers and sisters, there is hope and help in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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