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Help Me God – I Need You Now

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, February 18, 2018

Help Me God – I Need You Now!

Psalm 121:1-8


Psalms 120-134 are identified as ‘Songs of Ascents’ because they were sung by pilgrims making their way to Jerusalem which was located in a mountainous area (Ps. 48:1–2; 125:1–2). These pilgrims had to ‘ascend’ to get there.

These pilgrims going to Jerusalem may have sung this prayer psalm (Psa. 121) for safety in their journey. The dangers along the way—accidents, wild animals, robbers, heat stroke—are implied in 121:3–6. The “sun” and “moon” (121:6) represent all the dangers of day and night. They would need help along the way.

Let’s join the Psalmist for a few moments as he tells us about a source of help Who is greater than any problem imaginable. In these verses, we will find help for the journey. Notice the truths revealed here as we think on the thought, Help Me God – I Need You Now!The

I.  Basis of Our Help: Psa. 121:1-4

A.  God is our Creator (vv.1-2)

B.  God is our Preservation (v.3a)

C.  God is our Constant Helper (vv.3b-4)

II.  The Strength of Our Help: Psa. 121:5-6

A.  God protects us from our enemies (v.5)

B.  God protects us from the elements (v.6)

III.  The Guarantee of Our Help: Psa. 121:7-8

A.  God preserves us from evil (v.7)

B.  God preserves us for eternity (v.8)


I am grateful this morning that I have these promises for my journey. What about you? I am glad that I do not have to look to this ever-changing world for my help and for my security. There is a great God in heaven who is interested in everything that happens in my life. My burdens are His burdens, my problems are His problems, my worries are His worries.

My duty is to trust Him, and His duty is to take care of me. He is always performing His duty! Am I performing mine? Do you need help from the Lord today? If so, then come to Him and let Him meet the need you have. Who is going to help you?

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