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God’s Unceasing Mercies

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, April 8, 2018

“God’s Unceasing Mercies”

Lamentations 3:21-26


      The writer of the book of Lamentations is the prophet Jeremiah.  He was known as the Weeping Prophet.  A study of Jeremiah’s life reveals a portrait of unending sadness and deep depression. 

       Like Jeremiah, we all go through times when life seems to fall apart at the seams.  When these times come we also need the blessed assurance that God is faithful!  Thankfully the Bible gives overwhelming evidence of the unchanging faithfulness of our great God.   

       I would like to take this passage and point out three precious words in these verses that tell us why Jeremiah was able to proclaim: God’s Unceasing Mercies.  Notice what these words teach us about the great, unfailing, and unceasing mercies of God

I.  God’s Mercies Never Cease: Lam. 3:22 – “Mercies”lovingkindness, love, grace, faithfulness, and devotion. The word pictures God as the Divine lover of men. 

A.  We have no claim on the continuance of God’s mercies. 

B.  We have done much to provoke the ending of God’s mercies. 

C.  God’s mercies sometimes appear to cease. 

D.  God’s mercies sometime change their form. 

II.  God’s Mercies Are Constantly Renewed: Lam. 3:22b-23a – “Compassions” – to be moved with the heart out of love for another 

A.  God’s compassions are faithful (v.22b) 

B.  God’s compassions are fresh (v.23a) 

III.  God’s Mercies Are Verification of His Goodness: Lam. 3:23-26 – “Good” – pleasant, agreeable, and excellent 

A.  God’s goodness satisfies us (v.24a) 

B.  God’s goodness upholds us (vv.24b-25) 

C.  God’s goodness liberates us (v.26) 


     If you are not a Christian and need to be saved today, you can come to Jesus this morning and He will save your soul.  If you are walking through a hard place in life and need help; God will provide the help you need.  If you are struggling with the flesh and some besetting sin; there is help for that as well. God’s faithfulness is magnificent!

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