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God’s Mercies – The Impetus for Our Self-Surrender to God from Theotis Casey on Vimeo.

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God’s Mercies – The Impetus for Our Self-Surrender to God

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, October 16, 2016


“God’s Mercies – The Impetus for Our Self-Surrender to God”

Romans 12:1-2



Two truths emerge from the text: (MOTIVATION) The Living Sacrifice, and (MEANS) Non-Conformity Through Transformation, by resisting conformity and embracing transformation.

I.  MOTIVATION – The Living Sacrifice: Romans 12:1

A.  A Personal Appeal (v.12a, “I beseech you”). The Greek word for “beseech” is (parakaleo), and is the formation of two words: para (along, besides) and kaleo (to call). 

B.  An Inclusive Reality (v.12b, “therefore brethren”). This is the fourth “therefore” in the Book of Romans.

C.  An Astounding Incentive (v.12c, “by the mercies of God”)

       1.  Our immediate justification (Chapters 3-5)

       2.  Our immediate/continual sanctification (Chapters 6-8)

       3.  Our future glorification (Chapter 8:18-27; 9-11)

D.  A Reasonable Request (v.12d) 4-fold:       1. “Present your bodies”

       2. “A living sacrifice”

       3. “holy, acceptable to God”

       4. “your reasonable service”

II.  MEANS – Non-Conformity through Transformation: Rom. 12:2

A.  Resisting Conformity (v.2a)

1. “And do not be conformed” –  

         2. “to this world”

B.  Embracing Transformation (12b)

         1. “But be transformed” 

         2. “by the renewing of your mind” 

         3. “Prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect

              will of God”

CONCLUSION: How can we live out the WILL OF GOD?

·       Keep in mind the rich mercy of God to us.

·       As an act of intelligent worship, decide to yield self to God.

·       Resist conformity to the thoughts and actions of this world.

By focusing on God’s Word and fellowship with Him, be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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