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Faith That Overcomes

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, February 11, 2018
Sermon Series – ALL YOU NEED IS FAITH #6


“Faith That Overcomes”

Hebrews 11:32-40


This message is much needed because of the human tendency to use faith in Christ as the means to personal comfort and happiness. But when trials come, faith is abandoned. The message in these verses is that…Faith trusts God in spite of results, looking to the final reward.

I.   Examples Described of People of Faith: Heb. 11:32

II.  Spectacular Results Encountered by People of Faith: Heb. 11:33-35a

III.  Difficulties Endured Without Wavering by People of Faith: Heb. 11:35b-38

 A.  By faith they endured torture (v.35)

 B.  By faith they endured persecution (v.36) 

1. They were persecuted in their reputations – “mockings

2. They were persecuted in their persons – “scourgings

3. They were persecuted in their independence – “bonds and imprisonments” 

C.  By faith they endured martyrdom (v.37)

IV.  Eternal Rewards Obtained by People of Faith: Heb. 11:38-40

A.  By faith they obtained an honorable commendation from God (v.39a)

B.  By faith they obtained an interest in God’s promises (vv.39b-40)

CONCLUSION: Lessons from Hebrews Chapter 11 

  • True Faith is ready to sacrifice present comforts for future rewards. 
  • True Faith lives with a God-ward focus; not with a focus on people or things. 
  • True Faith trusts and obeys God, leaving the results to His sovereignty. 
  • True Faithfulness to Jesus Christ counts more than anything else, even life itself.
  • The final goal of True Faith, that to which God leads all Christians, is perfection in His Son, Jesus Christ (cf. Romans 8:28-30).
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