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When Christian Fathers Behave Badly

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18, 2017 


When Christian Fathers Behave Badly”

1 Samuel 2:11-26


We live in a world that is under the judgment of God. It’s as if He is giving our world over to its own desires. A trend that we see that biblically brings about part of this judgment is failure in the realm of fatherhood. If we are to see a revival come to our nation, one of the contributing factors will be a rise in turning of the hearts of the fathers to their children.

Fathers today suffer from what I am calling THE ELI SYNDROME! This is a negative condition where Christian fathers end up going bad! As Christian Fathers we must break the bad and abandon the Eli syndrome that brought judgment on Eli’s entire household and on the people of God.

This passage presents us with a study in contrasts as it contrasts Samuel’s life growing up under Eli with Eli’s own sons. From this text we’ll observe three characteristics of Christian fathers who behave badly:


I. Christian Fathers Behave Badly When They Are Spiritually Incompetent: 1 Sam. 2:11-17

A. Samuel’s faithful service to God (v.11)

B. ELi’s sons unfaithful service to God (vv.12-17)

1. Eli’s sons were wicked men (v.12a)

2. Eli’s sons had no regard for God (v.12b)

II. Christian Fathers Behave Badly When They Are Indifferent In/To Their Parental Obligations: 1 Sam. 2:18-24

A. Samuel’s purity (vv.18-21)

B. Eli’s sons immorality (vv.22-24)

III. Christian Fathers Behave Badly When They Are Indolent About Life Itself: 1Sam. 2:25-26

A. Eli’s sons’  judgment (v.25)

B. Samuel’s favor (v.26)



So how do we as Christian fathers safeguard ourselves against GOING BAD! As fathers, if we have already begun to behave badly how can we BREAK BAD! The answer is simple; by putting God first in our lives:

  • Putting God first means honoring God above all thing (2:29, Why do you honor your sons more than Me?”).
  • Putting God first means dealing with the sin in our own lives.
  • Putting God first means setting the example for our children.
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