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Blessed Is the Nation Whose God is the Lord from Theotis Casey on Vimeo.

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Blessed Is the Nation Whose God is the LORD

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday, November 6, 2016


“Blessed Is the Nation Whose God is the LORD”

Psalm 33:1-22



Psalm 33 is a special Psalm. It is one of only four Psalms that lacks a title. Many commentators believe that this Psalm is linked to Psalm 32. In that Psalm, David praises the Lord for forgiving his sins. Psalm 32 closes with a command to rejoice and  Psalm 33 opens with the same command.

While these two Psalms are very different in their content, they are both centered on the theme of praise. In Psalm 32 God is to be praised because He forgives sin. In Psalm 33 God is to be praised because He is in control. Both of those themes make God worthy to be praised.

Having commanded us to praise the Lord, the Psalmist now gives us the reasons why we are to praise Him. I want to walk through this Psalm today and preach on the subject: Blessed Is the Nation Whose God is the LORD, taken from verse 12, and referring specifically to the nation of Israel, not the United States.

I.  A Blessed Nation Reveres God’s Word:  Psa. 33:4-9

A.  God’s word reveals His AUTHORITY (v.4a)

B.  God’s word represents His CHARACTER (vv.4b-5)

C.  God’s word demonstrates His POWER (vv.6-9).

II.  Blessed Nation Trust’s God’s Will:  Psa. 33:10-12

A.  God’s will is DOMINANT (v.10)

B.  God’s will is ESTABLISHED (v.11)

C.  God’s will is DESIRABLE (v.12)

III. A Blessed Nation Realizes God’s Watch-Care:
Psa. 33:13-19

 A.  God’s watch-care is COMPLETE (vv.13-17)

 1.  Our false sense of sovereignty (vv.13-15)

 2.  Our false sense of security (v.16)

 3.  Our false sense of strength (v.17)

 B.  God’s watch-care is LOVING (vv.18-19)

 CONCLUSION:  Psa. 33:20-22

The Psalmist closes by expressing his resolve to continue trusting in the Lord. We can rest in His Word. We can rest in His Will. We can rest in His Watching. As our trust in Him deepens, our ability to rest in Him grows. And, when we are resting in Him, we can rejoice despite of everything that is going on around us.

Can you imagine the difference in our nation if all the judges, congressmen, senators, and the president would earnestly go to their knees and ask, “God, what do you want for & from this nation?”

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