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05-01-2016_Sermon # 14

Pastor Aaron E. Lavender
Sunday Morning, May 1, 2016
Sermon Series: CHASING THE WIND – Sermon #14


“Baffling Questions in Light of Life’s Realities”

Ecclesiastes 6:10-12



Thus far, Solomon has said that life is a dead-end street for two kinds of : those who have riches but no enjoyment and those who labor but have no satisfaction. But he has tried to point out that true happiness is not the automatic result of making a good living; it is the blessed by-product of making a good life. If you devote your life only to the pursuit of happiness, you will be miserable; however, if you devote your life to doing God’s will, you will find happiness as well.

King Solomon was not finished. He knew that life was also a dead-end street for a third kind of person—the person who required answers to all of life’s questions. Solomon was not condemning honest inquiry, because Ecclesiastes is the record of his own investigation into the meaning of life. Rather, Solomon was saying, “There are some questions about life that nobody can answer. But our ignorance must not be used as an excuse for skepticism or unbelief. Instead, our ignorance should encourage us to have faith in God. After all, we don’t live on explanations; we live on promises.”

Without going into great detail, in verses 10–12 Solomon touches on five baffling questions that people often ask.


  • QUESTION #1 – Why bother to make decisions in or about life since everything is predestined anyway? (v. 10a).


  • QUESTION #2 – Is it okay for us to disagree with and/or argue with God? (v. 10b).


  • QUESTION #3 – Does talking about our life’s problems help solve them or make them disappear? (v. 11).


  • QUESTION #4 – Who knows what is good for us? (v. 12).


  • QUESTION #5 – Does anybody really know what will happen next? (v. 12b).


Solomon has discussed two of his arguments that life is not worth living: the monotony of life (3:1–5:9) and the futility of wealth (5:10–6:12). He has discovered that life “under the sun” can indeed be monotonous and empty, but it need not be if we include God in our lives. Life is God’s gift to us, and we must accept what He gives us and enjoy it while we can (3:12–15, 22; 5:18–20).

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