Father’s Day Message

Joshua  24:13-25


Shocking statistics of African men:¹

  • Youth have a 50% higher probability of dying before age of 20 than other ethnicities.
  • The major cause of death of youth are homicide, drug abuse, suicide, and accidents.
  • 30% of all youth drop out of school before the 9th grade.
  • They represent 42 % of all homicide victims and most are perpetrators.
  • Only 33% go to college after graduation from high school.
  • Gender issues – what kind of role models do they emulate? ANSWER: pimps, hustlers, players, gang bangers, and petty criminals – as opposed to teachers, politicians, and preachers.

Are You Man Enough?

¹Dr. Eddie Lane, Building Lasting Family Relationships, (Dallas, TX: Black Family Press, 1995)
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