Pastoral Leadership 

Brett Campbell, Sr.

Senior Pastor

Dr. LeRoy Randolph, Jr.

Vice-President of Administration of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association

Rev. Kenton Schiele Sr.


Senior Pastor and Pastoral Staff

In obedience to God’s Word, the leadership of Grace Baptist Church is in the hands of the Senior Pastor (cf. 1Peter 5:1-5).  It is the duty of the pastor to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry” ( Ephesians 4:11 ) by preaching and teaching the Word of God, overseeing the church’s functioning, and providing pastoral care to the church’s membership.  The Pastoral Staff serves as assistants or associated to the Senior Pastor.

Associate Ministers  

Rev. Nick Moore

Associate Minister of Ministry

Rev. Charles Bryant, Jr.

Associate Minister of Outreach

Council of Deacons

According to the Bible, Deacons are charged with caring for and ministering to the church family (cf. Acts 6:1-7).  The Deacon Care Ministry is designed to accomplish several objectives: (1) Bridge the communication gap between church leadership and membership, (2) Involve church membership in fellowship, worship and service ministries, (3) Enable church leadership to take a comprehensive approach to their ministry, and (4) Keep church unity alive.

Church Staff  

Gwendolyn Cozart

Senior Pastor's Secretary

Jack Austin

Chairman Board Of Deacons

Richard Gaskin

Chairman Trustee Board

Carole Duncan

Business Manager

Richard Gaskin

Church Treasurer

Sidney McCarther

Asst. Treasurer

Brenda Eldridge

Church Clerk

Sidney McCarther

Chairman of Personnel Committee

Dr. LeRoy Randolph

Chairman of Stewardship Committee