The Ministry Function – Ministry of the Grace Baptist Church is in place for the express purpose to provide a high level of care from the Health Care Ministry, service from the Food Pantry Ministry, and encouragement from the Fellowship Outreach Ministry.  The driving force behind these three ministries is “to make disciples Matthew 28:19,20”.
The Health Care Ministry is overseen by Sis. Tiffany Brown, along with her team.  This ministry provides our church with on-point care to anyone that becomes ill during any of our services, maintains first-aid kits, and provides health awareness through health fairs.

The Food Pantry Ministry is overseen by Sis. Pat Duncan.  This ministry provides food to both our community and our church family where needed through the agency of Harvesters’ Food Service.

The Fellowship Outreach Ministry is overseen by Sis Mary Schiele, along with her team.  This ministry provides food baskets/fruit baskets to those who had outpatient surgeries, plants to those who had surgeries and hospitalized for more than one day, floral arrangements for bereaved family members for both in and out of town, help coordinate pot-luck meals on the second Sundays between Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon services, and also coordinate the meals for Family Day in the park.

With the Lord’s help and the support of the church, the Lord has blessed our church with a high level of Christ-like care and a willing service, along with love and encouragement.

The privilege to serve Our Savior,

Ministry Leader

Reverend Nick Moore